The Gathering
Toni McMahon

The Gathering

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Open to anyone to attend. Whilst sipping a delicious herbal tea and we will chat & play, learning about herbs & essential oils for passion or purpose from the beginner level.  Includes subjects such as 
Perfumery, Making Remedy Rollers, Making other Products from Base. 
During the gathering, we make a product either as a group or individual that you will take home.
To learn more about aromatherapy in-depth, I recommend the
"Aromatherapy for Beginners" 4-hour class. 
For Herbs, the
"Herbs & Teas for Beginners" 4-hour class.
To learn to make your own skincare products from scratch such as lotion, potion and shampoos, the
"Making Skincare for Beginners" All day class is perfect.

The gathering is approx 90 minutes generally once per month.

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