How to make Soapwort Shampoo

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Foaming products are the harder items to make entirely natural commercially, and you’ll find most commercial brands use ingredients such as SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate) which can dry and irritate the skin. There are various methods of naturally making a foaming product, and some simple tweaks to bubble them up a bit if you feel the need. Here is a supernatural cleanser that can be used for hair, body and face with a little customising. It doesn’t have much foam at all, but gives an amazing and gentle clean. So gentle, you can use this as a shampoo and not use conditioner! If you swap the essential oil selection out, be sure to choose good anti-microbials, to ensure your product does not fizz and ferment. Also note you must use the soapwort water infusion virtually immediately, this is not a recipe where you can make the infusion one day, and complete the rest of the recipe the next day (you have been warned lol) This recipe features soapwort, but you can use soapnuts too!

TOTAL TIME >> 1 hour

#1 Weigh all ingredients into the double boiler or saucepan

#2 Warm with the lid on until well infused (at around 40-60 degrees Celsius)
  • BASE >> Soapwort powder 25 grams
  • HERBS >> Lavender flowers 5 grams
  • WATER >> Hot Purified or spring water 325 grams

#3 Strain through some filtering material (nut milk bag)

#4 Now add the xanthan gum and whisk immediately very well

  • INGREDIENT >> Xanthan gum powder (sifted) 2.5 grams

#5 Strain (another nut milk bag) and then add triplox and mix well

  • INGREDIENT >> Triplox 1 grams

#6 Check PH and add bi-carb to adjust (this has been done and the quantity to add is below)

  • INGREDIENT >> Bi-carb 1 grams #7 Now add essential oils and mix well
#8 Bottle Essential oil combination of your choice (list below)
  • ESSENTIAL OIL >> Lemon 40 Drops
  • ESSENTIAL OIL >> Lemon Myrtle 30 Drops
  • ESSENTIAL OIL >> Ginger 10 Drops

Pro Tip – I always try to choose some anti-microbial essential oils when using water infused herbs (such as this recipe) to ensure the longevity & stability of the product. Safety Tip - If the essential oils are not sufficient to hold the herbal foaming wash, the product can start to fizz and foam and become a hazard (never open a bottle of the product towards your face that feels to be under pressure), open towards a sink.


Everything used to make this recipe is available here

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