Remote Energy Healing with Frequency analysis
Toni McMahon

Remote Energy Healing with Frequency analysis

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We are so happy to now be offering this service remotely across Australia using bio frequency analysis combined with pranic & reiki energy healing.

Recommendations can include:

* Herbs to use that are the best match for your current frequencies
* Foods to include in your diet (again best match for you now)
* Other beneficial supplements
* BioR, Bach, or Liquid Crystal remedy

How it works:

1. Purchase this item
2. Post a sample of your hair and finger nail to the below address.
3. We will email you with a questionnaire - please complete it and email back with a recent photo of your face.
4. We analyse your frequency information  and email you with recommendations plus apply energy healing.
5. When a liquid crystal remedy is appropriate, this will be discussed.

Postal Address:
Toni McMahon PO Box 737 Deeragun QLD 4818

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