How Being a Drug Trial Guinea Pig Changed My Life – Part 5

By mid to late 2019, I was having persistent thoughts of suicide. I had even started researching the best way to do it.

One day I realised I didn’t want to die but didn’t trust myself not to do it so I went and sought help. This was possibly one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life. I have always been an intensely private person and a “quiet achiever” even though I was fairly outgoing. Not only did help mean I had to speak to a complete stranger but I had to share my story and finally admit to, not only this stranger but myself that there was something fundamentally wrong with me both physically and mentally and that I was a failure at life. I wasn’t a failure, and I know that now, but back then you better believe that no matter what was truly happening in my life my brain was singing a totally different song.

Fast forward to February 2020 and a small contingent of fellow veteran victims, all suffering a myriad of life-altering symptoms, ambushed a meeting with Phil Thompson MP, Prime Minister Scott Morrison and a company called Swiss 8, who market themselves as a “Health Promotion Charity, founded by combat veterans”. I was led to believe that the meeting was about helping veterans and therefore would have been open to more veteran input. Unfortunately, that was not the case, we were not welcome to have a say. Maybe this meeting was more likely just a case of mates helping other mates for financial gain, at least that what it looked like to me, but who knows?

So why is Swiss 8 and Prime Minister Scott Morrison both so against holding the Royal Commission that veterans, their families and friends have spent years pleading for?

Why has Phil Thompson MP, the sitting Federal Member for Herbert and himself a veteran injured in the line of duty flip-flopping on his support for a Royal Commission depending on who he is talking to?

I, and my fellow vets, fully educated Scott Morrison about our plight, he stood and listened to our stories then told us he would get a judicial inquiry into the drug trial. He asked us to email him through Phil Thompson. We did. No reply. We followed up by phone. No phone calls taken. No phone calls returned.

This is what happens when you are a drug trial guinea pig. You don’t get help when the damage is done. You get swept under the carpet and ignored .. hidden away … ridiculed ..called liars … left to suffer. Why? Because those in positions of power have too much to lose – professionally and personally. The money and control that Big Pharma has is overwhelming and its much easier to ignore the little guy who is suffering than risk either losing a comfortable, high powered job or, even worse, losing the billions in donations and funding that Big Pharma bring to the table – for a price!! There’s also that little matter of shares held by politicians, in pharmaceutical companies.

Scott Morrison has approved drug company requests to absolve them from risk and grant them immunity to prosecution for the COVID vaccines they are developing. “This is a unique situation where we as a company simply cannot take the risk if in ... four years the vaccine is showing side effects,” Ruud Dobber, a member of Astrazeneca senior executive team, told Reuters in July. “In the contracts, we have in place, we are asking for indemnification. For most countries it is acceptable to take that risk on their shoulders because it is in their national interest,” he said,

Do you think you are big enough to sue the government or a major drug company, who has already been absolved of responsibility, if you or your children have adverse reactions and/or are damaged for life, or worse, by this super experimental vaccine?

There were hundreds of soldiers who took part in similar drug trials as I did, many that are suffering to this day, many who have taken their lives. There have been veterans, supporters, families and friends who have been fighting for years just to get DVA and the ADF to recognise that their health problems are “work-related” which would allow them to receive funded treatment.

See a short 2-minute video on another Tafenoquine Guinea Pigs experience

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For me, I still suffer to this day with a varied combination of symptoms. I have learned to live with these symptoms as best I can, I have my own treatment plans in place which allow me to live a “normal” life which is anything but normal. I can, and do, suffer from;

•Sleep issues – insomnia and night terrors
•Constant Teething grinding
•Anxiety and other psychological issues (diagnosed with General Anxiety by a psychologist at Open Arms)
•Bouts of Depression
•Suicidal thoughts
•Body pain
•Panic Attacks
•Memory problems & word finding difficulties
•Back and muscle issues
•Inability to focus and retain information

Some of these symptoms have reduced greatly with my own research and experimentation. I manage symptoms with psychological assistance, natural remedies and natural therapy treatments. I’ve experimented with many herbal and other remedies over the years, all with varying degrees of improvement, but these are the big hitting remedies that have effected most change for me:

Medicinal Mushrooms
Mucuna (L-DOPA herb)
Glutathione, a potent antioxidant
B vitamins
CBD oil
Homeopathic mushrooms
Diet change which is often the total elimination of certain food groups
Chiropractic adjustment & regular massage are vital
Daily Red light therapy
Dr Jack Kruse protocols (Neurosurgeon)

In truth, this costs me a fortune every week, as the ADF does not recognise the damage done, thus will NOT assist any of the veterans that took tafenoquine. I receive less than $7.00 per fortnight from the Department of Veterans Affair to assist me. Yes, you read that correctly. My service to my country and the resulting life-long damage I received during this time has been valued at less than a small Big Mac meal at McDonald's.

Unfortunately, as natural therapies are not TGA approved or even remotely accepted as a valid form of treatment as far as modern medicine is concerned many of the other drug trial participants have been further damaged by various cocktails of psychiatric drugs and other incorrectly prescribed treatments.

People need to know that there ARE natural, pharmaceutical free treatments that work. If only the government would stop silencing those with that valuable information.

Perhaps I made a rash decision to purchase my natural remedies business or perhaps, that rash decision saved me from a fate much worse.

To date, the Australian Defence Force, and the Army Malarial Institute ( who ran the trial) refuse to contact all the participants for a wellness check. Stuart McCarthy, a retired Major that was also used as a guinea pig, pursued this vigorously with no success. The ADF have no idea who is still alive from that drug trial and they have no interest in finding out.

The drug companies say they have no long-term studies to show tafenoquine does the things we claim. They also refused to follow up with us to see how we are doing.

So, step right up people, vote on 31 October as to whether you are happy to be mandatorily vaccinated by your government with an unknown vaccine where you too could have the benefit of living a life similar to mine and many others!! Or, vote to ensure you have a choice because this might be the last time the choice is yours!!

For those that have and will continue to call me an anti-vaxxer I hope that my story shows you that what I am fighting for is not your right to vaccinate but everyone’s right to:

Ensure full informed consent is provided by all doctors, before performing vaccination or other medical treatment or trials, for both risks and benefits. Currently, only the benefits are emphasised.

Amend all state and federal laws to include vaccine conscientious objection exemptions and to increase options for such

Defend the right for Australian's to choose traditional and natural therapies

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