How to make a natural moisturiser

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Moisturisers are easy to make. Below is a simple recipe using nourishing, simple ingredients to suit any skin type.

The moisturiser is designed for the face, but you can actually use on your face, hands, body, feet, anywhere due to the low dilution of natural essential oils.

TOTAL TIME >> 1 hour

#1 Weigh all ingredients into the double boiler or saucepan

  • Shea Butter 20g
  • Jojoba Oil 30g
  • Plant derived emulsifying wax 10g

#2 Warm with the lid on until all ingredients melted to liquid.  Boil the kettle while you wait with distilled water in it

#3 Take the saucepan off the heat and add 50g hot distilled water, mix well (with a wisk) and then add 130g room temperature water (distilled is best)

#4 Now add triplox and essential oils, mix and bottle!

  • INGREDIENT >> Triplox 2 grams
  • ESSENTIAL OIL >> Fragonia 10 Drops
  • ESSENTIAL OIL >> Chamomile Roman 5 Drops
  • ESSENTIAL OIL >> Ylang Ylang 5 Drops
  • ESSENTIAL OIL >> Bergamot 10 Drops

You could leave the essential oils out of this recipe if you wish, or select others based on your needs (be sure they are safe to use on the face!)


Everything used to make this recipe is available here

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